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 About-C   FAQ about this website


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about uniquebiblestudy.com 

Do you have an sponsor or sponsors for your web site?  Are your website affiliated with a religious organization?

There are no sponsor or sponsors for this website and it is not affiliated with any religious organization. Creation of this website is a personal work of the author/ webmaster Willy Trifon, who has persistently work on it for almost seven years. He is layman, an amateur author and webmaster. Creating this website is his personal work which he started as a hobby sometime in May 2001. There is no profit derived from this site other than the gratification of knowing that there will be some people who will receive spiritual assistance from this material.

Why did you create this website?  What is your purpose?

This website was created to fulfill a personal vow to our Lord God, that is to humbly contribute in the propagation of His words via the internet. Publishing this website is his humble share in the propagation of God's words. Always praying that some people may come to understand and believe it as the truth written in the Bible—thus acquire the faith in the Lord God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ—and in turn will share their knowledge of the truth to other people.

The sole purpose of creating this website is to share information that will give every bible reader or truth-seeker a unique and better way to understand the words of God written in the bible. The verses in answer to the questions are clearly presented- - -it is up to the reader to decide if it is the biblical truth or not. There is absolutely no need to believe in the author. What is of utmost importance is to believe in what is written in the Bible. You can easily verify if it is the truth—read it in your Bible.

Do you answer questions and respond to comments?

We are very sorry, we may not be able answer your questions at this time, simply because no one has the time to do it. But, we appreciate your comments for the improvement of our website. comments@uniquebiblestudy.com  The author/webmaster is alone in doing all the things necessary to keep this website online and still have many things to to do and write about.  

The objective of this website is to provide serious bible readers or truth-seekers with quality materials to help them study and search for the truth written in the Holy Bible. We encourage all readers or truth seekers to benefit from the materials provided online. We simply ask you to keep an open mind and take a closer look at the scriptural truth presented in this Bible Study course.  Please take note that it is not the purpose of this website to provide chat rooms or discussion groups.

Note: From time to time, answers to common questions and comments about this website will be added in this page.





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