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"Searching For The Knowledge Of The Truth?"

Are You Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?
Salvation, as it is preached today, are varied and confuses a lot of people. The fact that religions differ in their concept of salvation, means that a lot of people does not have the true knowledge on how one can be truly saved.  If one is really interested in the eternal welfare of his soul, this is the one issue he cannot afford to ignore. No one can afford to be mistaken, considering that the ultimate goal of our faith is the salvation of our souls.

"For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior,
who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth"

1 Timothy 2:3-4, NKJV)

  The following lessons will help you understand God's purpose and plan for your life.  

How To Study And Understand The Bible using the

 Unique Bible Study Method
This method is based on Biblical Rules written in the Holy Bible - not on limited human wisdom or intellect but on the infinite wisdom of God. Please click any of the Rules to see the supporting scriptural verses and other details.

  How To Study And Understand The Bible  Check it out and discover for yourself why the Unique Bible Study Method  is a biblical, methodical and topical way to study and understand the wisdom of God hidden in mystery in the Holy Bible.

  Bible Study Lessons  26 lessons consisting of about 174 topics are carefully selected to give you the answers to many basic and perplexing religious questions that man would like to know from man's creation to man's salvation and the attainment of eternal life.
  Online Bible Gateway  Click to open up a new window so you can easily access different online translations and versions of the Holy Bible.  "The Easy Way To Search For The Online Bible Translation or Version You Always Wanted to Read".
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The history of the Christian religion started in the first century when the Lord Jesus Christ established His Church in Jerusalem. From this Church, Christianity has proliferated to thousands of denominations all over the world. Comparatively these churches have differing and/or conflicting doctrines and beliefs about God and Jesus Christ, but  all claim to use the Holy Bible as the basis of their faith. The fact that not all Christians believe in the same God and Jesus Christ raises an obvious question. Who is God and Jesus Christ that professing Christians should know, believe in and worship so they may ultimately acquire the  "Crown of Life"―the eternal life in kingdom of God in heaven? This website was created to help people find out the truth. Thus, it endeavors to present and compare beliefs about God and Jesus Christ so people may find it easier to evaluate such beliefs before deciding which belief conforms with the truth written in the Bible.

This Unique Christian Bible Study guides are available free online and very effective as bible study materials, tools, aids, helps for community, home, family, fellowship, group and small group bible studies, discussions. It is an excellent source of bible study questions with all the answers taken from the verses of the bible. It is also suitable for daily, weekly bible studies in general bible study use. These are readily available free online and is printable as bible study materials. (with copyright restrictions)  It can also be used as personal and pc bible study use for children, teen, youth, woman, man and everyone.


Try it! . . . . . . Take a closer look at the scriptural truth.
Keep an open mind.  The Holy Scriptures will be made clear and meaningful to you.

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