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 About-A   Introduction


Are You Searching For The Way To Return To God?

Searching for the true religion (the way to return to God) is necessary for the salvation of man, but is is a time consuming and often a frustrating exercise because many are not prepared to do it—many do not know the biblical truth and what the true religion is.  As a result, many fall victims of false religions (the way to destruction) by self proclaimed preachers who promise them salvation according to their own religious doctrines and beliefs but not according to the truth written in the Bible.

This website was created to help people understand the truth written in the Bible, so they will know what to look for when they set out to find the true religion. This bible study was written to help people gain enough knowledge so he can ask intelligent questions from a preacher to determine if what he is preaching is the biblical truth or not. This way, he will not waste his precious time and effort to hear false teachings which will surely lead him to destruction. Instead, he can move on to evaluate other religions until he finds the true religion he like to join..

This website aim to facilitate the study and search for the Scriptural Truth only and not to convince anyone to join a religious organization.  The website maxim "We present the verses - not opinions. You  decide if it is the biblical truth" is the guiding principle in the creation of this website.

  • The verses will be presented in answer to a question. It is up to you to decide after a very careful evaluation, if you will believe it as the Biblical Truth or not.  

  • There is absolutely no need to believe in the author. What is of utmost importance is to believe in what is written in the Bible. You can easily verify if it is the truth—read your Bible.   

  • The decision is all yours to make, for as the saying goes, "You are the master of your fate. You are the captain of your soul"

This website was created to fulfill a personal commitment  to our Lord God, that is to share in the propagation of His words via the internet.

  • Creating this website is a personal effort to share information that will give every reader a unique and better way to understand the words of God, the truth written in the Bible.

  • Creating this website is a personal  hobby which I started sometime in May 2001.  So much time has already been spent on it but I consider every second well spent for a gratifying work dedicated for the glory of God Almighty. 

Building this website is a difficult task as it deals with religion where controversy abound.

  • Personally, I do not intend to create one, so I limit myself to what is written in the Bible, no more no less.

  • If ever what is written in not in conformity with one of your doctrines or beliefs, I reiterate that there is no intention on my part to be offensive.   Please do not take anything wrong against me, because I only presented what is written in the Bible.

  • Instead, I invite you to please keep an open mind and take a closer look at the scriptural truth.  Whatever is written in this website is not my own opinion or interpretation. It is God's words interpreting God's words, or verses of the Bible interpreted by the other verses of the Bible. Neither did I ever speculate on "What God will do or will not do".

Everyone is encourage to give some of their precious time to search for the truth in order to develop the strong faith needed to enter the narrow gate and travel the difficult way (Matthew 7:13-14) to God's kingdom.

I hope and pray that as soon as you become really interested in the lessons, you will experience an increased patience and sharpened ability to discern and fully comprehend the lessons. I hope and pray that you will slowly but surely come to the knowledge of the truth as the purpose and plan of God from man's creation, to salvation and eternal life in heaven becomes clear and meaningful to you.

When, however, the Spirit comes, who reveals the truth about God, he will lead you to all the truth. . . . . . . . . .   (Jn.16:13, TEV)  

With a pure heart, a clean conscience and a holy purpose, your heart and mind will be opened to the scriptural truth. May this website be the means by which our Lord God will call you through the Gospel into the fellowship of His Son, so that you may obtain the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. (1Cor.1:9 & 2Thess.2:14)

"Hear what God says:  'When the time came for me to show you favor, I heard you;  when the day arrived for me to save you, I helped you'.  Listen! This is the hour to receive God's favor; today is the day to be saved!" (II Cor. 6:2, TEV)

I sincerely hope that this website be of great help in your personal search for the True Religion—the religion that will lead you to God.

  • Be aware, for many False Preachers and False Religions thrive in this world.

  • Compare their doctrines and beliefs to what you have learned from the Holy Bible.

  • Bear in mind that the search for the True Religion is all yours to make. No one can do that for you because the future of your soul is at stake.

"And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:13, NKJV)

May the Lord God Almighty call you to the True Religion. May you ultimately find the way, the truth, and the life. 

Willy Trifon
Author/ Webmaster





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