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UniqueBibleStudy.com is copyright © 2002-2008 Willy Trifon.

All articles, materials, and pages on the www.uniquebiblestudy.com website are copyrighted by the author/webmaster- Willy Trifon. All materials are copyrighted not to hinder the proper use, but to prevent the improper use. These materials are not shareware or public domain and shall not be duplicated electronically or mechanically copied to other media, eg. Book, CD, DVD, except as permitted below.

For Personal Study:  From our website at www.uniquebiblestudy.com you may download articles to your own computer, save them, and/or print them out for your own personal study.

For Free Distribution: From our website at www.uniquebiblestudy.com you may download articles from time to time to make printed copies (hard copy) for the purpose of distributing it to others as long as you give it away and do not charge for it. In this case, free means free, the use is entirely non-commercial - i.e., there is no financial charge of any kind for the material.. It cannot be bundled with anything sold, nor can you charge for shipping, handling, or anything. It should only be given to others for personal study or for use in preparation of lessons or sermons, and other non-commercial purpose.

In Original Format: No portion of this site is to be copied or used unless kept in its original format the way it appears. All materials and articles from our website www.uniquebiblestudy.com shall be reprinted verbatim in total without changing the content or teaching in anyway, and provided the name of the author and source are clearly shown (including the URL address of the web site).

Other websites: Other websites are permitted to publish links to our website or to any specific page or pages on our site. In fact, we encourage and appreciate such links. However, with all the web sites in the world being only one click away from our site, we absolutely do not grant permission for our materials to be reposted on other web-sites. We're more than happy for you to place a link to our website.





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