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Bible Study Lesson 12

What Is Man? . . . . . That God Is Mindful Of Him
   A.   Man's Perception About Himself
   B.   Man's Body And Mind
   C.   Man's Spirit, Soul And Body
   D.   What Happens To The Soul When A Man Dies?
   E.   Man's Material Glory
   F.   Man's Days Are Numbered 

.   Why God Is Mindful of Man



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Bible Study Lessons
 12A.   Man's Perception About Himself


Majority of men, be they man or woman, young or old, wise or fool, rich or poor, all over the world consider that wealth, glory, honor and power is of the utmost value. He who have the most of material riches and earthly powers have the most sought after position in life.  Indeed, men value them because they believe that they can turn to and count on these things when they are beset with problems. This is how man perceives himself and his material possessions. A limited perception that gives man false security about his worthiness and significance because he thinks man's life is only up to the time when he breath his last.

Many man lack the understanding that God created him for a purpose and that man's life was designed even beyond the realm of this world, thus, he also fail to reflect on what he can get beyond the benefits of this world.

This Bible Study is of vital importance to everyone, as he will come to have a clear definition and understanding of the concept and reality of man's existence base on the holy scriptures.  What compose a man as a living individual and what happens of him when he breath his last? What is his status here on earth? And, what is his importance to the Lord God Almighty?


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