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Bible Study Lesson 16

Human Nature And The Purpose Of God
 A.  Human Nature In General
 B.  Human Nature According To The Scriptures
 C.  Man Must Serve God On The Basis Of Love
 D.  Man Must Be Holy And Blameless Before God
God Purposely Created Man Weak
  God's Way Of Making Man Holy In Spite Of His Sinful Nature



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 16A.   Human Nature In General


People in general know that human nature is weak. Man by nature is weak in controlling himself to do what is right, so man is prone to commit mistakes. This weakness in human nature is widely accepted by many people, in fact, when someone  commit a mistake, people will usually justify it by saying the popular expression "to err is human". 

But still, many of people do not know and understand why God created man that way. One might even ask these questions: Why did God made man weak and incapable of doing (by his own power) what is good? Did God created man that way, only to fall into sin and be punished with eternal destruction in the end? Unable to understand the wisdom of God, even the propriety of the punishment meted out by God is questioned.  Many people may ask: "If God is love, why did He not create man perfect, so that there would be no problem of punishment?" 

Understanding human nature according to the scriptures will give us insight on the wisdom of God. Even Apostle Paul was in awe when God's design was unfolded to him. Paul said:

Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways!  (Romans 11:33 NASV)

Let us study the words of God written in the Holy Bible so we may come to understand His wisdom why He created man weak.


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