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Bible Study Lesson 20

The Proliferation Of The Christian Religion
   A.   A Religious Phenomenon
   B.   Religion As Classified

   C.   The Primary Reason For It's Proliferation 
.   The Secondary Reason For It's Proliferation



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 20A.    A Religious Phenomenon


The history of the Christian religion started in the first century when the Lord Jesus Christ established His Church in Jerusalem. From this Church established by Christ, Christianity has proliferated all over the world to more than 33,000 denominations. These churches compared to the original church have differing and/or conflicting doctrines and beliefs but  all claim to use the Holy Bible as the basis of their faith.

The following figures will give us an idea as to how many Christian religions or Christian denomination or Christian churches there are throughout the world today.  In the 1983 edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, this is recorded: "In 1900 there was a global total of 1,900 denominations; but this has subsequently proliferated to 18,780 in 1970, 19,410 in 1975, 20,780 in 1980, with a projected 22,190 in 1985." In the 2001 Edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia it listed 33,830 Christian denominations.

This phenomenon invites varied reactions: 

  • Some readily welcome the continuous increase of religions or churches. They do not find it wrong that Christianity has been divided in this manner.
  • Others see it as a good manifestation of man's attempt to return to God.  The more religions or churches there are, the more religions to choose from to satisfy one's longing for religious liberty.  
  • Some believe that the more religions there are, the more people become closer to God, because they think that all religions are the same.
  • A few view it the negative way, the more religions there are, the greater the confusion faced by man.  And since there is only one true religion, the more religions there are, the farther man becomes from the true God.

Let us study the truth written in the Holy Bible so we may come to know the two basic reasons why so many religions come to be established in these last days. Are these increase in religions or churches really for the benefit of mankind in general because all religions are the same. Or, will it contribute to the confusion faced by man since there is only one true religion established by Christ?


Religion according to the scriptures is to serve God with all your heart and with all your soul and that is by properly keeping and observing God's commandments and statutes.

Simply stated: True Religion is to serve God on the basis of His commandments.


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