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Bible Study Lesson 24

Identifying The True Religion Or The True Church
   A.   People's Concepts Of What The Church Is
   B.   The Name Of The True Church
   C.   The True Church Is Likened To A Human Body
   D.   It Is The True Church That Christ Will Save

   E.   The True Church Is The Result Of God's Calling
   F.   God's Calling Is Through A Messenger Of God
   G.   Beware Of The Preacher Who Is Not Of God
   H.   Identifying The True Messenger Of God




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 24A.   People's Concepts Of What The Church Is


The proliferation of the Christian religion (Topics 22C & 22D) have brought about preachers with different concept on what the Church is, but all claiming to be based on the Bible. Here are some of the popular concept of what the Church is:
  • There are those who consider the Church as everyone who simply believe in Christ as Lord and personal Savior.  
  • There are those who think the Church as all the people who simply believe in Christ.   
  • Many believe that the Church as collectively all the professing Christians Churches at large, independent and unattached, having no link with one another. 
  • Many people assume that the true Church is all the Christian professing religions or churches taken together,  the conglomeration of all the so-called "Christian Religions" upholding differing beliefs, teaching irreconcilable doctrines, clinging to different hopes, and recognizing different gods and concept of god.

There are also those who also claim that all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are of God, irrespective of the Church to which a person belong, negating the role of the True Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of men.

The problem now becomes one of identifying the True Church amidst the numerous claimants.

If one is really interested in the welfare of his soul, this is the one issue he cannot afford to ignore. It is one issue that every one must face and deal with.  It is not safe for anyone to be just complacent about his religion. A man should make a truthful and sincere effort to inquire into the certainty or genuineness of his religion or to find out if it is the true one. It is imperative that before death makes its call or before Judgment Day comes, a man must be found in the True Religion or the True Church. For what use is a religion or a church that can not help a man to have a place in the Kingdom of God in heaven.

But before engaging in the search for the True Religion or the True Church, it is but wise that the inquirer must know exactly what he is looking for. What is the True Church as defined and described by the Bible?  Has this any bearing to one's salvation?

Let us study the Holy Scriptures so we may be able to easily identify the True Religion or the True Church.


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