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Twenty six Christian Bible Study Lessons consisting of 174 Bible Study Topics with about 700 questions and answers that can give you a good picture and understanding of God's purpose and plan for the life of man which He created from the dust of the ground to man's ultimate dwelling place in heaven. Understanding these lessons is essential in acquiring the faith in God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ which everyone needs to find the good way, enter the small gate, and travel narrow and difficult road to salvation and eternal life in the Kingdom of God in heaven.

Bible Study Lessons (26) Bible Study Topics (174)
 01.   Man Should Search For The Knowledge Of The Truth If He Wants To Be Saved    A.  Man Should Search For The Truth
   B. The Truth That All Men Should Know
   C. What The Truth-Seeker Must First Acquire
   D. Don't Be Fooled When Seeking The Truth

   E. The Truth About A "Different Gospel"
   F. The Truth That "Faith Alone" Is Not Sufficient For Salvation
   G. Faith And The Gospel Of Christ Are Essential For Salvation

 02.   How Does Faith Come To A Man    A.   What Is Faith According To The Bible
   B.   Why Do Men Need Faith In God And Christ
   C.   How Does Faith "Set In, Take Root, And Grow" In A Man
   D.   Upholding Man's Faith In God And Christ 

.   Learning From The Great Men Of Faith
 04.   Belief In The Holy Bible or Holy Scriptures    A.   How The Bible Came To Be Written
   B.   All Scripture was given by inspiration of God
   C.   God's Word Is Always True
   D.   The Proof That God's Words is Truth Because It Has Fulfillment
   E.   Science Facts Confirm That The Bible Is The Ultimate Truth

.   The Significance Of Believing And Obeying God's Words
   G.   God's Rule In The Observance Of His Words

 06.   The Sole Basis Of Serving And Worshiping God    A.   Are All Services To God Are Accepted By God?
   B.   Denying God Through Deeds
   C.   The Vain
And Worthless Worship Of God
   D.   The Sole Basis Of Serving God

 08.   God's Purpose In Creating Man    A.   Is There A Divine Plan Of Creation?
   B.   God Created Man For Himself
   C.   God's Role In Man's Existence
   D.   1st. Purpose - For God's Glory 

.   2nd. Purpose - For Man's Sanctification
   F.   God's Dual Purpose In Creating Man
 10.   God's Plan For The Creation Of Man    A.   Man Should Be Made Holy Before He Can Serve God
   B.   Anointed Cherub—Perfect But Not In Love
   C.   Why Man Should Not Be Holy Or Perfect By Himself
   D.   God Made All People Prisoners Of Disobedience
   E.   What Can Make Man Holy Or Sanctified
   F.   God's Plan On How Man Can Be Made Holy
   G.  Summary
 12.   What Is Man? . . . . . That God Is Mindful Of Him    A.   Man's Perception About Himself
   B.   Man's Body And Mind
   C.   Man's Spirit, Soul And Body
   D.   What Happens To The Soul When A Man Dies?

   E.   Man's Material Glory
   F.   Man's Days Are Numbered 

.   Why God Is Mindful of Man
 14.   The Two Man In Every Human Being    A.   The Two Man In Every Human Being
   B.   The Two Food For the Two Man

   C.   Which Food Does A Human Being Need Most 
.   What Should A Man Seek First In His Life On Earth
 16.   Human Nature And The Purpose Of God    A.  Human Nature In General
   B.  Human Nature According To The Scriptures
   C.  Man Must Serve God On The Basis Of Love
Man Must Be Holy And Blameless Before God
God Purposely Created Man Weak
  God's Way Of Making Man Holy In Spite Of His Sinful Nature
 18.   The Meaning And Beginning Of Religion    A.  The Meaning Of Religion
   B.  God's Rule In The Observance Of His Commandments
   C.  The Beginning Of Religion

   D.  Adam's Sin Or Transgression
   E.  The Tragic End Of Adam's Transgression
   F.  God Will Reject Those Who Will Reject His Words

 20.   The Proliferation Of The Christian Religion    A.   A Religious Phenomenon
   B.   Religion As Classified

   C.   The Primary Reason For It's Proliferation 
.   The Secondary Reason For It's Proliferation
 22.   Man Must Find "The Way To Return To God" Or "The True Religion"    A.   All Men Have Gone Astray
   B.   Why All Men Have Sinned
   C.   Man Became God's Enemy Because Of Sin

   D.   Finding "The Way To Return To God" 
.   The Good Way or The True Religion
 24.   Identifying "The True Religion" Or "The True Church"    A.   People's Concepts Of What The Church Is
   B.   The Name Of The True Church
   C.   The True Church Is Likened To A Human Body
   D.   It Is The True Church That Christ Will Save

   E.   The True Church Is The Result Of God's Calling
   F.   God's Calling Is Through A Messenger Of God
   G.   Beware Of The Preacher Who Is Not Of God
   H.   Identifying The True Messenger Of God

 26.   What Man Needs To Know About Salvation    A.  Different Salvation Concepts Confuses People
   B.  Salvation From What?
   C.  The Wrath Of God On The Day of Judgment
   D.  The Wrath Of God In The Lake Of Fire
   E.  Why Do Men Need Salvation
   F.  How Man Could Be Saved From The Wrath Of God 

.  Redemption And Salvation Through The Blood Of Christ
   H.  What Become Of The Men Redeemed By Christ's Blood
 28.   The Master Plan Of God For The Salvation Of Man    A.  Can Man Be Saved Despite His Inherent Weakness
   B.  God's Plan Is For Man's Future And Hope
   C.  God's Standing Law On Sinners
   D.  God's Plan Is To Create Man Anew In Christ

   E.  Christ Created In Himself The "One New Man"
   F.  The Great Mystery - Christ Relationship To His Church
   G.  The Great Value Of The "One New Man"
   H.  How A Sinful Man Can Become God's Masterpiece
   I.   Summary 

 30.   God's Master Plan Of Salvation -  Supplementary Topics    A.   Why God Set Apart Men To Serve Him
   B.   God Draws And Add People To The Body
   C.   The Gate That The Servants Of God Must Enter

   D.   Man Is Helpless Outside The Body Of Christ 
.   Christ Will Only Answer For The Sins Of His Body
   F.   Faith With Works Is Needed To Enter The Body
 32.   Christ Is The Savior Of The Body—The Church    A.   Hades Shall Not Prevail Against Christ's Church
   B.   The "Dead in Christ" On His Second Coming
   C.   Those "Alive In Christ" On His Second Coming

   D.   Man's Transformation From Mortal To Immortal
   E.   Citizenship And Dwelling Place Of All Those "In Christ"
   F.   The Fate Of Those Who Are Outside Christ's Church

 34.   How Are People Created Anew, Reborn or Born Again    A.  How Do Men Stand In The Sight Of God
   B.  Those Who Follow Christ In The Regeneration
   C.  How Will Regeneration Be accomplished
   D.  How Are People Created Anew, Reborn or Born Again

   E.  How To Be Born Of God - Baptism Into Death
   F.  The Death Of The Old Self
   G.  The Rebirth Of The Old Self
   H.  The Mind Of The New Creature 

.  The New Creature In Christ - The Real Born Again Christian
 36.   Judgment Day @ Christ's Second Coming    A.  No One Knows (Even The Son) The Day Or The Hour
   B.  How Will God Judge The World In Righteousness
   C.  Who Will Judge The World In Righteousness?
   D.  Grim Events On The Day Of The Lord's Wrath

   E.  Significance Of Judgment Day To God's People 
The Undeniable Proof That Judgment Day Is Near
   G.  Where God Placed Those Who Will Be Saved From His Wrath or Anger 

 38.   The End Of The World, The Great Flood, And Sodom And Gomorrah    A.  God's Warning Against Doing The Same Mistakes
   B.  The Lesson From The Great Flood
   C.  The Lesson From Sodom And Gomorrah

   D.  The End Of The World 
   E.  What Scoffers And Unbelievers Deliberately Forget

  F.  What Man Should Do Now Before It's Too Late
 40.   The Resurrection Of The Dead, And The Eternal Punishment In The Lake Of Fire    A.  The Resurrection Of The Dead
   B.  What Will Happen To Those "In Christ Jesus"
   C.  The Difference Between The Two Resurrections
   D.  The First Resurrection
And Salvation From God's Wrath
   E.  Thousand Year Reign and The Imprisonment of Satan 

  F.  The Second Resurrection And Release Of Satan
   G.  Satan And Followers Thrown Into The Lake Of Fire
   H.  The Meaning Of Christ Resurrection 
   I.   God's Dual Reason In Resurrecting The Dead

 42.   The Gospel Of Christ And The Preachers Of God    A.  What Is The Gospel?
   B.  The Importance Of The Gospel In The Life Of Men
Who Are The True Preachers Sent By God
   D.  The Authority Of The True Preachers Of God
   E.  To Whom The Secret Of The Kingdom Of God Is Given
  Recognizing The True Preachers Of God
   G.  How True Preachers Of God Preach The Words Of God
 44.   The Forgiveness Of Sin By God    A.  God's Invitation To The Sinner
   B.  Though Your Stains Be Deep Red, You'll Be White As Wool
   C.  God's People Shall Be Forgiven
Identifying God's People In These Last Days

   E.  Other Conditions For The Forgiveness Of Sins 
.  Asking For Forgiveness - The Publican And The Pharisee
   G.  Asking For Forgiveness - The Prodigal Son
 46.   What Should A Man Do To Be Saved And Attain Eternal Life    A. The Procedure Set By Christ
   B. 1st: Hear The Message From A Preacher Of God
   C. 2nd: Believe & Accept The Message With All His Heart
   D. 3rd: Repent For All The Sins He Committed

   E. 4th: Baptize In The Name Of Christ  
Become A Member Of The Body Of Christ
   G. How Is The Body Of Christ Called In The Bible
   H. Maintaining Membership In The Body Of Christ

 48.   What God Want Man To Ponder And Realize    A.  To Whom God's Message Is Addressed And Why
   B.  What Does God Want Men To Ponder And Realize
   C.  Examples: How People Justify Their Wicked Works
   D.  Man's Problems Does Not End When He Dies?
   E.  How God will Judge All Men For Their Sins
   F.  A Sinful Man Is Likened To A Beast Or Animal

The Kind Of Man That God Chose For Himself
   H.  Man Should Not Let Himself Die Like A Beast
   I.   Man Should Die A Righteous Death

 50.   Eternal Life In The Heavenly Home Of God's Chosen People    A.  God's Chosen People Are Sure To Enter Heaven
   B.  How Will The Holy City Look Like
   C.  Men Will Be Like Angels In The Holy City

   D.  The Quality Of Eternal Life In The Holy City
.  The Need To Persevere To Enter The Kingdom Of God 
Those Who Will Not Be Allowed To Enter The Holy City 

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The history of the Christian religion started in the first century when the Lord Jesus Christ established His Church in Jerusalem. From this Church, Christianity has proliferated to thousands of denominations all over the world. Comparatively these churches have differing and/or conflicting doctrines and beliefs about God and Jesus Christ, but  all claim to use the Holy Bible as the basis of their faith. The fact that not all Christians believe in the same God and Jesus Christ raises an obvious question. Who is God and Jesus Christ that professing Christians should know, believe in and worship so they may ultimately acquire the  "Crown of Life"―the eternal life in kingdom of God in heaven? This website was created to help people find out the truth. Thus, it endeavors to present and compare beliefs about God and Jesus Christ so people may find it easier to evaluate such beliefs before deciding which belief conforms with the truth written in the Bible.


This Unique Christian Bible Study Lessons can be a great source of bible study lessons, bible study topics or subjects and bible study questions. It can also be utilized as bible study materials, bible study tools, and bible study outlines for fellowship, family, home, group, small group, community. It is also suitable for daily bible study, weekly bible study or for general bible study use. These are readily available free online and is printable as bible study materials. (with copyright restrictions) It can also be used as pc bible study for teen, youth, woman, man and everyone.


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