Unique Bible Study  We present the verses—not opinions. You decide if it is the biblical truth.

How To Study And Understand The Bible

Unique Bible Study Method
 A. The Unique Bible Study Method Of Studying ....
 B. The Five Biblical Rules In Studying ...Scriptures
 C. Determining Contradictions And Inconsistencies
 D. Example: Determining Contradiction And Inconsistencies
 E. Who Will Be Able To Understand The Wisdom of God

 F. Using Other Versions or Translations Of The Bible



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Bible Study Lessons
 How-A.    The Unique Bible Study Method Of Studying And Understanding the Scriptures


May The Holy Scriptures Become Clear And Meaningful To You.

This Unique Bible Study Method is simple, clear and easy to understand. This study method is based on biblical rules taken from and explained by the verses of the Holy Bible, thus: 
  • The pure words of God are presented in a unique, very clear question and answer format, giving sole importance to the Holy Bible. 
  • Answers to all the bible study questions are taken directly from the verses of the bible.
  • No personal interpretation are made,
  • No personal opinion are given,
  • No personal ideas and no weaving of stories around quoted verses are presented,
  • No personal speculation on "what God will do and will not do" are introduced.

This unique biblical method ensure that only the truth from the Almighty God written and taught by the Prophets, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the Apostles are clearly presented to you.

"We present the verses - not opinions. You  decide if it is the biblical truth"  is the fundamental and guiding principle in the development of this website.

  • The verses are presented in answer to questions that will lead you to the truth. It is up to you to decide after a very careful evaluation, if you will believe it as the biblical truth or not. 
  • Who the author is unimportant in this study. There is absolutely no need to believe in the author. What is of utmost importance is to believe in the truth that is written in the Bible. You can easily verify the truth—read it directly in your own Bible.

Studying and understanding the words of God written in the Holy Bible is completely different from all man-made books because all scripture is based on the infinite wisdom of God, as all scripture was given by inspiration of God. (2Tim. 3:16)  Thus, this unique biblical method of teaching the Holy Scriptures is not based on human wisdom but on what the Holy Spirit teaches. We explain spiritual things with spiritual words. (2 Cor. 2:13, IEB) We hold on to this unique biblical method as our standard of sound teaching as taught by Apostle Paul. (2 Tim. 1:13, NRSV)

With a pure heart, a clean conscience and a holy purpose, your heart and mind will be opened to the scriptural truth. You will slowly but surely come to the knowledge of the truth as the purpose and plan of God for your life becomes clear and meaningful to you. As you study the words of God, the seed of faith will be sown, then nurtured in your heart. Your faith will grow as your knowledge about the Lord God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ gradually increase.

 Try using this Unique Bible Study Method and take a closer look at the scriptural truth.
Keep an open mind.  We pray that after you have studied this website
the Holy Scriptures will be made clear and meaningful to you


Notes and suggestions:

  • Text Color Code: All verses are in red, all questions are in blue, all quotations from reference books are in green 
  • Some words and phrases are in bold for emphasis.
  • It is suggested that you use these Bible Lessons as a study guide. Study the bible lessons / topics as directed or from first to last, as it will gradually build up your understanding of the plan of God for man's life.
  • Please open your heart and your mind as you begin this study. Pray! Seek the assistance of the heavenly Father by sending you the Holy Spirit, that you will be inspired and moved to understand the mystery of His words written in the Holy Bible.
  • Begin your study with this lesson. Take your time. You will slowly but surely come to the knowledge of the truth as the purpose and plan of God for man's life—from creation, salvation, resurrection, to the eternal life in heaven will become clear and meaningful to you. 
  • As you go through the lessons, always refer to your own Bible or "online Bibles" using the Online Bible Gateway, to verify what is written, so you will gain confidence in the Bible. Use different versions or translations of the Bible to facilitate understanding of the scriptures and avert being misled from the truth.


How To Study And Understand The Bible - The Unique Bible Study Method is an in depth, comparative, inductive and topical bible study method of understanding the scriptures.  How to study and understand the bible" is based on a Unique Bible Study Method which is solely based on the rules written in the bible. Comparative study on verses are made to achieve in-depth understanding of the scriptures. The simple question and answer format of teaching the scriptures produces an inductive effect to the bible student. The bible study lessons are topically organized and every topic is written in a single webpage. The different topics in every lesson can be easily accessed through links on the top of each webpage.

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The Five Biblical Rules In Studying The Bible


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