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 How-C   Determining Contradictions And Inconsistencies In The Verses Of The Bible


In its original form the Holy Bible contains no contradiction, but it is a fact that in the Bibles we use today, there are seeming contradictions and inconsistencies.  
  • The Holy Bible is a collection of 66 books. The Old Testament contain 39 books originally written in Hebrew, with few chapters written in Aramaic. The New Testament contain 27 books and letters originally written in Greek.
  • The Holy Bible has undergone numerous translation through the centuries from it's original form in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek to the old English language, and to the present Bibles we use today. 
  • These contradictions and inconsistencies came about because translators are not completely free of bias or are theologically neutral.
  • This has resulted not only in differences in shades of meaning in some portions of the verse, but also in differences in interpretation of the entire passage.

In the book Accuracy of Translation, this is written:

"All translation involves interpretation.  Interpretation, of course, involves the influence of theology; and as all translation involves interpretation, so all translation involves theology. ---  Translators cannot avoid totally the necessity of making the interpretative decisions, nor can they avoid completely the influence of personal views of truth on their work. Translation is not hermeneutically neutral and translators are not theologically neutral."  (Accuracy of Translation,  p.41)

C.1   What are the biblical ways to determine if contradiction or inconsistency exist in a verse?

These Two Biblical Ways are based on the Five Biblical Rules in studying the Bible.

First  - is to compare the questionable verse to clear passages or verses dealing on the same subject.  If the questionable verse contradicts the clear verse or verses dealing on the same subject, then you will know that the questionable verse is wrong.

Second - is to compare the questionable verse to the Biblical Truth- which is the teaching of the Bible as a whole.  If the questionable verse or teaching contradicts the teaching of the Bible as a whole, then you will know that the questionable verse or teaching is wrong.

This is the unique way the Holy Spirit teaches, "we compare spiritual things with spiritual" (I Cor. 2:13, NKJV)



C.2   What is the consequence of failing to determine such contradictions and inconsistencies? 

  • If a Bible user is unable to determine  such contradiction, it is possible that he will come to believe such contradiction as the truth. 

  • Unknowingly, he will be misled from the Biblical Truth, which in effect will make him believe what is false.  

C.3   Why should everyone be aware of such contradictions or inconsistencies?

In 2 Thes.2:9-10, Apostle Paul gave this warning:

But the coming of the wicked One will be marked by Satan being at work in all kinds of counterfeit miracles and signs and wonders, and every wicked deception aimed at those who are on the way to destruction because they would not accept the love of the truth and so be saved. (II Thes2:9-10, New Jerusalem Bible)

Everyone should be aware of such contradictions or inconsistencies because it might be a wicked deception aimed at anyone by the wicked One. Knowing this, he/she will not be deceived into believing what is false. He/she will then come to know and accept the truth so as to be saved. 

C.4   What will God do to those who will not accept and love the truth so as to be saved?

The answer is given in the following verses:

so God will allow them to believe lies with all their hearts, and all of them will be justly judged for believing falsehood, refusing the Truth, and enjoying their sins. (II Thes2:11-12, LVB)

Death and Hades were emptied of the dead that were in them; and every one was judged as his deeds deserved. Then Death and Hades were hurled into the burning lake. This burning lake is the second death;  (Revelation 20:14, NJB)

So God will allow them to believe lies with all their hearts and they will be justly judged. They will be condemned to die the second death in the the lake of fire or hell as it is  popularly called today.


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